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About Mahesh Gour

CA Dr. Mahesh Gour is a Chartered Accountant, PhD degree holder in Management of Taxation, and has completed his B.Com,, MBA in Finance, CCA, CFM, ADFM, DBA in Auditing and LLB (p). As a Professor CA Dr. Mahesh Gour is one such personality who has Ten Academic degree with the tittle of Memory Guru & Master Mind.

He is also Nation famous for his super power memory. In fact he is the only Professor in the field who uses Mnemonics and Memory techniques while teaching. Lakhs of fans from all around the country are inspired by the Memory Techniques that he has developed & this is exemplary from the fact that once in seminar he had made 10th standard students memorize a CA Final Book with page number in mere four days.

About Mahesh Gour's Work

CA Dr. Mahesh Gour is a renowned faculty for Auditing & Indirect Taxation at the level of IPCC, CA Final & CS Final. He initially started his teaching with a power pact implementation of Memory Techniques. As a Professor CA Dr. Mahesh Gour is not only well known for his teaching but also for the books authored by him for CA Final & CS Final. His book on Indirect Taxation is one of the best written books on the subject in India.

CA Dr. Mahesh Gour has always been known for his unique teaching style starting from memory techniques till 3D animation techniques. His only mantra for teaching is "Understand and Learn, Remember and Retain", i.e. along with knowledge he also provides confidence of performance during examination. More than 25000 students of CA final have benefited from his extra-ordinary teaching Skills. His teaching styles and technique have always been a topic of discussion in the profession whether it is among students or other professionals and always created a curiosity about what would be CA Dr. Mahesh Gour's next step to innovation.

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